Lunchpro Support

Below we have our support FAQs for all of the users of LunchPro. Have a question that isn't on this page? Go to the Contact page and let us know!

About LunchPro

What is LunchPro? 

LunchPro is an early stage technology services company with the goal to simplify the lunch scheduling and delivery system for office managers and pharmaceutical sales representatives. We are your one stop shop for all of your catering needs.

Why I started LunchPro - A message from our Founder 

I started in pharmaceutical sales, and my greatest concern was always keeping the medical offices happy. But this wasn’t always a simple task as each office had different food preferences, varying staff counts, and I never really knew what had already been served that week. Of course I could always make multiple calls to get all of this information, but many times I ended up irritating the very people I was looking to help. Then, when I added all the time needed for in person scheduling, picking up the food myself and tracking all of my receipts, I was starting to feel more like a one man catering business.

That is when I decided to create LunchPro, a system that specifically services the unique needs of the relationship between pharmaceutical reps and the medical offices they call upon. The system is built to mutually benefit each party with a centralized calendar that is customized with preferred restaurants, dietary restrictions, number of lunches required, and ensures rotation and variety between the meals suggested. 

For offices, you can take the guess-work out of what you will have for lunch each day. This means less calls from reps, better control over restaurant selection, and avoiding the dreaded 3rd day in a row of BBQ. For reps, you now have a centralized calendar system that allows you to schedule appointments from anywhere on any PC or mobile device. With LunchPro, you can set your personalized budget requirements, receive detailed receipts for reporting, and never again have to worry about setting up a lunch for 30 people. You can rest easy knowing that the food will be beautifully presented and delivered on time as the system automatically alerts you at every step within the delivery process. For everyone, LunchPro is our way of making sure your next lunch is just what the doctor ordered!

- Matt Carlton, Founder

For Pharma Reps

Is there a fee to set up an account? 

No. There is absolutely no fee to sign up.  

Do I have to have an account to place orders? 

No. However, having a free account gives you the opportunity to manage your budget, keep your receipts in one convenient place, and quickly reorder lunches for the same offices. We make your job easy! 

How does LunchPro help me manage my budget? 

We know that every sales rep has budget guidelines to follow. You are able to set your budget in our system, so that when food is ordered for one of your appointments, you can be sure that it is within your budget. We have meals that work within various budgets starting at approximately $7.49 and up per person. Our goal is to ensure that both you and your offices are happy!

Is ordering through LunchPro more expensive than ordering directly from the restaurant? 

No. We make sure that the LunchPacks restaurants create are in line with their normal menu prices.  Our price per person range is approximately $7.49 per person to $14.99 per person.

Does LunchPro charge delivery fees? 

No. There are no delivery fees or any other hidden fees.

What is a LunchPack? 

A LunchPack is a pre-set popular assortment of menu items from local restaurants that make up the perfect meal.

Do I have to pick up the food from the restaurant when the food is ready? 

No. The restaurant will take care of the delivery and the setup of the food in the office. All you have to do is show up!

Is ordering from LunchPro more expensive than ordering directly from the restaurant? 

No. We make sure that the LunchPacks restaurants create are in line with their normal prices.

Do I have to go into the medical office to schedule an appointment? 

No. You are able to schedule appointments and order food online 24/7 if you are working with a LunchPro office. If it is not a LunchPro office, you will need to call and confirm your appointment time since we do not control their calendar yet, but you may still order food from a LunchPro restaurant at any time.

Do I have to choose one of LunchPro’s restaurants to cater? 

No, but we have a variety of office-preferred restaurants to choose from with preselected LunchPacks. Our restaurants know how to deliver, setup, and make your lunch appointment as stress free as possible.  But if you prefer, you may select "Bring My Own Food" and act as your own caterer.  We make it so easy that the bigger question is "why wouldn't you?"

Do I always have to choose what food to order? 

No, you don’t. If you book an appointment with an office that has a LunchPro account, they will be able to request their preferred order directly to you for approval. (We only show them options that fit within your budget.) If nobody chooses a restaurant to order from, our smart technology will automatically order for you based on your preset budget and the office’s preferences/dietary restrictions.

Do I have to keep track of the office staff's dietary restrictions? 

No. For offices with LunchPro accounts, the LunchPro system allows them to tell us which staff members have specific dietary restrictions. Our technology will use this information when placing orders to ensure that all attendees’ needs are met.

When placing and order using "Pre-Selected LunchPro Recommendation" - If you order a taco bar that contains meat for an office of 20 but 3 people have dietary restrictions, the system will automatically order 17 for the taco bar and 3 meals that meet their dietary restriction.

When placing and order using "Choose Personalized Selection" - If you order a taco bar that contains meat for an office of 20 but 3 people have dietary restrictions, the system will automatically tell you how many, and what type, of dietary restriction you need to order for.
How will I know that my food will be delivered on time? 

You can count on use to be watching your order to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  We also notify you of the driver’s contact information on the day of the order.

For Medical Offices

How much will the LunchPad cost the medical office? 

There is NO cost to the office for the LunchPad. The LunchPads are 100% paid for by local restaurants.

Can the LunchPad be used for anything else than managing the office calendar? 

No. The LunchPad is specifically programmed to manage your office lunch calendar for the use of scheduling lunches through LunchPro.

Is my office liable if the LunchPad is broken, stolen, or malfunctions? 

No, the LunchPad is property of LunchPro Inc and will be updated and replaced at LunchPro’s discretion.

Is the medical office calendar lost if something happens to the LunchPad? 

No, our software is cloud-based meaning that your calendar can be accessed through your LunchPro account on any PC or mobile device at

Will the Pharma Rep know how to use the LunchPad or will we be responsible for teaching them? 

The LunchPad is very simple to use – the Pharma Rep will simply choose a date and time to make an appointment. If there are any complications, there is a “Need Help” option on the LunchPad that they will be able to refer to and get the assistance they need.

Is the office responsible for setting up the LunchPad and inputting pre-existing appointments? 

No, a LunchPro representative will set up your office LunchPad, provide any training you need, and provide continued customer support. LunchPro will also contact all of the reps that were on your paper calendar and explain the LunchPro system, offer to assist them with placing orders, or give them assistance on how to book an appointment and bring their own food.

Who do we contact with general questions about LunchPro or technical questions about the LunchPad? 

Please contact your LunchPro representative, our customer service department at (855) 586-2477, or email

Does LunchPro offer a variety of restaurants available for lunches? 

Yes! LunchPro offers a wide variety of restaurants with new ones being added constantly. In fact, if your office has a favorite restaurant that is not currently in our system, let us know and we can get to work on adding them to our list!

What is a LunchPack? 

A LunchPack is a pre-set popular assortment of menu items from local restaurants that make up the perfect meal.

Who is responsible for ordering the lunches for the office? 

The Pharma Rep will be responsible for ordering the lunches using your office’s pre-set preferred restaurants. If the Pharma Rep leaves the lunch choice open, then your office has the opportunity to choose which restaurant you would like for lunch. If neither party chooses a food option, LunchPro’s smart technology will choose the lunch based on the office’s preferred restaurants, the dietary needs of the staff, and make sure that it is within the rep’s budget.

Will the medical office be responsible for knowing the Pharma Rep budget? 

No, the LunchPro system allows the Pharma Rep to set their budget within their free account. Our system will only show you restaurant and LunchPack options that meet their specific budget requirements. You will not be able to select a meal that exceeds their budget.

How does the LunchPro system handle our staff members that have specific dietary restrictions? 

The LunchPro system allows you to list any staff members that have a dietary restriction. This will allow the system to ensure that everyone's needs are met when a lunch is ordered. You can update this information anytime by logging into your LunchPro account at and navigating to the “Manage Staff & Preferences” page.

How will the rep know how many people are in our office to order lunch for? 

The LunchPro system allows you to enter how many people are in the office and if anyone has a dietary restriction. When the sales rep is placing an order, they will see the screen pictured below that tells them how many people to order food for along with any staff members that have dietary restrictions.  It is important that you keep this information updated by navigating to "Manage Staff & Preferences" page.

For Restaurants

Why partner with LunchPro? 

LunchPro creates a dynamic platform for connecting your restaurant directly to pharmaceutical reps and medical offices that rely on corporate catering on a daily basis. Benefits of partnering with LunchPro include:

  • Ability to receive incremental online orders and weekly payouts
  • Ability to view order history and upcoming orders
  • Free advertising to the medical professionals receiving your food
  • Choose to confirm or reject each order
  • Save 3% with no credit card processing fees on orders (we absorb this cost)
Sounds great! What are the numbers? 

We are not like the “other guys”! Our customers are professionals that provide lunch to large groups everyday as an important part of their job.

What markets does LunchPro serve? 

We are currently working in the DFW area and in San Antonio,TX.

Why are LunchPro's average ticket amounts so much higher than the "Other Guys"? 

LunchPro's customers are typically sales representatives that sell products to doctors.  In order for them to schedule time with doctors and other staff members, the industry has them schedule lunch appointments so everyone can be at the same place at the same time.  This means that the average lunch order is for 15-30 people which drives our average ticket price to $275.  Not only that, but the sales representatives are required by their employer to schedule an average of 4 lunches per week with the medical offices that they serve. 

How many Pharma representatives does LunchPro work with? 

As of 7/20/2015 we have over 300 sales representatives that depend on LunchPro and our restaurant partners to provide exceptional experiences for their customers, and this number is growing rapidly as we roll out more tools for reps to easily manage their schedule. We are predicted to have over 600 representatives that order through LunchPro by December of 2015! Make sure to request your free account to help us meet this growing demand!

 Request An Account!

How many lunches have LunchPro partners fulfilled? 

There have been over 10,000 orders placed through LunchPro in the DFW area, and our business is rapidly growing.

Is there a fee to partner with LunchPro? 

Not all of our package options require a fee to sign-up. However, there are increased benefits of selecting one of the premium packages. These benefits include 10% more retention, a free demo of your food to a medical office, an email to sales representatives that introduce your restaurant, and advertising in our Menu Book. If you are unsure, you can always start with a package with no sign-up fee and upgrade at any time.

What % of the sale does LunchPro receive? 

We have many different package options to choose from – contact your LunchPro Account Manager or customer service here for more information.

Am I responsible for handling sales tax? 

We want you to focus on providing the best quality food possible so we take on the tedious task of handling sales tax on our end and make sure that the government gets their share.

How much control will I have over the types of orders I receive? 

We put you in control of all of your catering preferences – you have the power to input your minimum order size, maximum delivery radius, and your order cut-off time so you have enough time to fulfill each order. You are able to fine-tune these details at any time to make sure you get the orders you want.

How do I confirm orders that I receive? 

You will receive your orders via email, which will contain a link to confirm the order from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You will also be able to view your orders when you log in to your account on our website.

How much notice will I receive before an order needs to be delivered? 

The default cutoff time is 5pm the night before the scheduled appointment, but you are able to change this preference through your account on our website. We also provide you with daily emails reminding you of your orders to fulfill for that day.

Do I have to do everything on a computer? 

No, you can access your orders on any PC or mobile device at any time. You can also reach out to a LunchPro representative from 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday at (855) 586-2477 for any assistance.

What food should I provide? 

Your Account Manager will work with you to develop attractive meal options that we call LunchPacks. These are optimized for quick sales, easy preparation, and easy delivery. Examples of LunchPacks are shown below:

  • Example #1 -  Cajun Chicken Pasta 
    •  Cajun chicken pasta; choice of field green salad or vegetable of the day; choice of dessert, and unsweetened iced tea.

  • Example #2 -  Tex Mex Combo 

    • Choice of 3 entrees [chicken enchilada, beef enchilada, cheese enchilada, homemade tamales, beef chimichangas, chicken quesadillas, chicken skewers]; Spanish rice; refried beans; chips & salsa; dessert, and unsweetened iced tea. 

What is a LunchPack? 

A LunchPack is a pre-set popular assortment of menu items from your restaurant that make up the perfect meal for medical office lunches.

Do I need to provide anything else besides the food order? 

Yes, you will also be responsible for bringing plates, napkins, utensils, serving utensils, cups, and ice.

Do I need to serve the food? 

No, you are only responsible for the delivery and set up of the lunch.  This must be completed 15 minutes prior to the requested appointment time.